Arctic Circle Adventure offers adventurous nature experiences, sleddog-, hunting-, fishing tours and other activities in nature. All the tours are genuine and in interaction with animal and nature. Situated in the heart of Tornedalen (Torne Valley), just north of the Arctic Circle, in Swedish Lapland.



Experience our arctic winter landscape from a dogsled, a close encounter with animal and nature. Dogsledding – the ultimate winter experience north of The Arctic Circle! Read more…



A hunting experience in Tornedalen, Swedish Lapland! Scenic situated in the heart of Tornedalen, there is a varied and secluded hunt in absolute top class. Read more…



A fishing experience in Tornedalen, Swedish Lapland! In lakes and rivers, scenic located in the heart of the land of forests, there is a varying and secluded fishing in absolute top-class. Read more…

Andra upplevelser

Other Adventures

Most of our other nature experiences take place during the summer. Here in Tornedalen the summer is short and intense, with midnight sun and light 24-7. Read more…

Welcome to an experience in a part of Europe’s last wilderness, with Northern light and Midnight sun!