Booking terms and conditions

Booking terms and conditions

Booking, payment and possible cancellation of:

Activity that last three days or less
We confirm your booking via e-mail and will send you an invoice, whereof 20 % of the invoice amount is required to be paid within 7 days* and is your confirmation. The remaining 80 % of the invoice amount is required to be paid within 14 days* before your booked activity takes place.
Booking of activities that lasts a day or less can be paid at place (only cash payment) or in advance to our bank account, a receipt of the payment is required to be shown at your arrival.
*If no payment is submitted within given time we reserve the right to cancel your booking/reservation without prior warning.

  • Cancellation 14 days or more before the activity starts there will be no charge
  • Cancellation 13 – 8 days prior to the activity starts there will be a charge of 20 % of the total amount of the activity
  • Cancellation 7 – 3 days before booked activity starts there will be a charge of 50 % of the total amount
  • Cancellation made 72 hours or less prior to the activity starts or non-cancellation 100% of the total amount will be charged

Arrangements that last more than three days
When you book an arrangement/program that lasts more than three days you will receive an order confirmation from us and an invoice of 30 % of the total amount. Payment is required within 10 days and is your confirmation. The remaining 70 % of the total amount will thereafter be invoiced and is required to be paid by latest 30 days before the arrangement/program starts. When the first payment is received we send out additional information to the given e-mail address.

In case of possible cancellation there will be no refund of the advance payment (30 % of the total amount).
For tour operators and other partners it’s the terms that has been agreed upon that is applying. If nothing is agreed upon it’s the above terms that apply.

Disclaimer of liability

Arctic Circle Adventure is without responsibility for

  • The weathers influence on the arrangement/activity, even economically, when it for example due to extreme weather conditions is not possible to go through with the arrangement/activity in a safe way
  • Impact from other trades, for example logging, big herds of reindeer etc.
  • If the hunt is embargoed of the county of Administrative Board when the quota is full

Arctic Circle Adventure is selling experiences and cant at hunting guarantee that the guest will have shot chance.
We reserve the right to cancel or change the arrangement/program/activity if we consider it necessary, for example when outer circumstances makes the arrangement impossible. Any activity can be cancelled all upon the starting time for the activity.

Since Arctic Circle Adventures arrangements is diverse in structure and content different responsibility is effective for each arrangement. Specific terms is described in the information we send out when you have booked an adventure with us.

The customer takes part in Arctic Circle Adventures activities/arrangements at their own risk

  • Aware of that it might involve risk of personal injuries
  • Accepting that neither Arctic Circle Adventure nor any third party acting on behalf of ACA can be made responsible for any personal injury or damaged equipment sustained during the activity and/or during transport to and from the activity/arrangement.
  • Taking full personal responsibility for the consequences of for any known or unknown illnesses or health conditions that can cause any acute onsets/attacks.
  • Only when not influenced by alcohol or any other intoxicating substance.
  • Accepting that no third parties, hereunder family, can make any claims against Arctic Circle Adventure or any person acting on our behalf, on the customers behalf.
  • Accepting that Arctic Circle Adventure holds a liability insurance but does not hold accidents insurance. Consequently the customer is aware of that he/she is not insured through us, in case of any injury or damage to any equipment as a result of any situation he/she have caused or are responsible for.
  • Accepting that claims towards Arctic Circle Adventure is regulated by Swedish law and any legal proceedings must be directed to Arctic Circle Adventures court of domicile.

Insurance, guarantees and safety

Arctic Circle Adventure is covered by a liability insurance. A proper personal accident- and travel insurance is the customers own responsibility, we strongly recommend that all customers underwrites such an insurance.

The guest (participant) is personal responsible to evaluate his/hers physical and/or mental condition in relation to the contents of the relevant activity. Arctic Circle Adventure reserves the right to deny any customers participation in any activity if we or person acting on behalf of us consider it to be necessary for the safety and/or suitable carrying through with the activity. When relevant, all participants must sign a waiver accepting personal responsibility for his/hers participation in activities before the activity starts.