Hunting north of the Arctic Circle

A hunting experience in Tornedalen, Swedish Lapland!

Scenic situated in the heart of Tornedalen, there is a varied and secluded hunt in absolute top class. Moose, bear and forest birds is common game species in these fantastic forest areas. You will lodge comfortable at our wilderness camp with all this right outside the door. Our guides and hunting areas in combination with high service in a relaxing environment, promise a hunting experience over and above the normal.

The hunting with us at Arctic Circle Adventure is so much more than just to fell a prey. It’s an unforgettable experience where the hunting, interaction between man, dog and nature together with excellent food and good company will become a holistic experience.

Hunting tips, tricks & information” you will find here!

Traditional Moose hunting
Hunting of Moose, the king of the Forest – the highlight of the hunting season for many. The moose hunt here in Tornedalen always start at the same time each year, the first Monday in September. Read more…

Forest bird hunting/ Trophy hunting on Capercaillie and Black Grouse
The hunting for forest birds is an exciting hunt where the terms are to quietly lurk to see and come to a shooting position on the big and magnificent capercaille and black grouse. Read more…